Lying In The Gutters – November 12th, 2017 – Saying Goodbyeeeeeeeee!

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So what have you been reading this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. The Big Reasons Brian Michael Bendis Left Marvel For DC Comics
  2. Eddie Berganza Tells DC Comics Staff That Buzzfeed Is Publishing An Article All About Him (UPDATE)
  3. Disney Is In Talks To Buy Fox, Finally Getting Marvel Those Fantastic Four And X-Men Rights Back
  4. Marvel Comics Cancels Guardians Of The Galaxy #151 With No Explanation As To Why (UPDATE)
  5. DC Comics Has Made Jonathan Hickman An Offer
  6. Brian Michael Bendis Switches Sides, Signs DC Exclusive
  7. Disney Secrecy Concerning Star Wars Is Foiled By Google Maps
  8. [SPOILERS] Taika Waititi Talks Alternate After-Credits Scenes In Thor: Ragnarok
  9. DC Comics Delays Their ‘New Age Of DC Heroes’ Titles Across The Board, Until 2018
  10. Ivar The Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) Talks Vikings Season 5
  11. High-Profile DC Artist Rafael Albuquerque Issues Statement On Eddie Berganza
  12. Two Days On: The Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel, And DC Comics Gossip Continues… (UPDATE)
  13. Comic Folk React To Brian Bendis Leaving Marvel And Going DC Exclusive
  14. Report: WWE Won’t Air Starrcade On WWE Network Because They Already Have Your Money
  15. Could Using Topaz In Thor: Ragnarok Have Opened A Whole Can Of Worms?
  16. [SPOILER] Had A Cameo In Thor: Ragnarok But They Cut It
  17. Buzzfeed Publishes Its Article On DC Comics Editor Eddie Berganza
  18. Arrow Season 6: Stephen Amell Is Still Growing Into Being Green Arrow
  19. DC Comics Wins Legal Battle Over Jesus — By Default
  20. Jean Grey Leads New Team In X-Men: Red From Tom Taylor And Mahmud Asrar

And Ten Things You May Prefer…

  1. DC Comics Suspends Eddie Berganza
  2. Hello Grant Morrison! DC Comics Can See You! (Batman Lost #1 Spoilers)
  3. DC Comics And The War Of Competing Futures – Titans #17 And Detective Comics #968 (SPOILERS)
  4. After Harley Quinn #31’s Shocking Spoiler, Details Of Conner And Palmiotti’s Final Issues Change
  5. Marvel Spoils The Whole Of Avengers #675 With No Surrender Teaser Trailer
  6. Is ‘No Justice’ A Big Story Planned For DC In 2018?
  7. Phoenix Resurrection #1 Review: A Powerful, Quirky Start
  8. Doctor Who: Fans And Pros Draw The 13th Doctor In Her New Outfit
  9. Watchmentions In Action Comics #991 – What’s With Dr Manhattan, Fathers And Sons?
  10. The First American Cosplayers Guests In Saudi Arabia Will Have Rules To Follow
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