Will The Second Mark Millar Netflix Comic Be Called ‘Star Crusher’?

Last week, Netflix announced their first original comic book from Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel for Millarworld, to be published in the spring as a six-issue series, called The Magic Order. The series is described as:

Five families of magicians have spent generations protecting humankind while living among them as normal-seeming neighbours and co-workers. But when a new enemy emerges and starts picking off the wizards one by one, it forces them to take new measures.

Now Bleeding Cool is hearing that a second announcement is coming. No idea of the artist, but the name Star Crusher is being used.

You know, we also mentioned before that an upcoming Millarworld comic would be written by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

It is worth recalling that the original name for Luke Skywalker in George Lucas‘s notes was Starkiller. It was changed months before filming when people saw it as something closer to Charles Manson. The third draft of the movie was called The Star Wars: From The Adventures of Luke Starkiller. Dark Horse even turned it into a comic.

But it is is quite close to Star Crusher. And we know that Millar seeks PR possibilities from every comic book he puts together.

So, at a punt, could Star Crusher by a Millarworld comic written by Mark Hamill be coming out from Netflix?

Yeah, it’s a stretch. We’re just showing our working out.

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