Agents Of SHIELD Season 5: First Teaser For New Season Hits

We have our first minute long teaser for the fifth season of Agents of SHIELD which teases the new space location for all to see. We also get a look at some of the bad guys who look like they could be the Kree.

The first twenty minutes of the two hour premiere was screened for audiences at New York Comic Con and a decent amount of this teaser is footage from that twenty minutes. They aren't showing us a lot of the season so far which is good. This is exactly how you want to bring back a show like this. The last season of Agents of SHIELD was, by far, the best season the show has had so far. One of the reasons for that is because they focused on short plot lines spread over the entire season. In the first trailer for last season we only got shots of Ghost Rider and it ended up having two more entire stories. If Marvel is smart they're following a similar model for this season as well.

Also Mack making a joke about how the black guy always dies first in Alien movies? Well played.

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