Still In Need Of A Switch? Lost Sphear Wants To Give You One

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Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory are releasing Lost Sphear on January 23rd for the Nintendo Switch, with physical copies only being sold through the Square Enix online store. If you still don’t have a Nintendo Switch, all pre-orders of Lost Sphear through the SE store will enter you to win one of Nintendo’s consoles. So you can essentially kill two birds with one pre-order.

Lost Sphear is brought to you by the studio behind I Am Setsuna. The game takes place in a new world where an ominous power threatens the fabric of reality itself by erasing massive portions of the world through the power of amnesia. The game includes a re-imagined turn-based battle system which should feel familiar to those who played I am Setsuna.  However, you also get to experience the mighty Vulcosuit armors to give you some extra abilities and tactics. Players join the world of Lost Sphear as Kanata and his friends Lumina, Locke, Van, Sherra, and Obaro who set out to restore the world through the power of memories.

And much like most Square Enix games, there is a technologically advanced Empire hanging around, but they’re actually the good guys this time around.

You can check out Lost Sphear‘s gameplay trailer below.

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