Disney Working On New Live-Action Star Wars And Marvel TV Series, Plus Monsters Inc. And High School Musical

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Disney is working on what can only be accurately described as “a buttload” of exciting new projects. On a corporate conference call today, Disney CEO and future president of the United States Bob Iger revealed that Disney is working on a live-action Star Wars TV series to debut on Disney’s streaming service in 2019. In addition, they’re also working on an original live-action Marvel TV series. Oh, and by the way, did you hear that they’re working on a Monsters Inc. TV series? And a High School Musical TV series?

Well, they’re doing all of that, according to a report from Variety. And all of it will be available on a streaming service touted as costing less than Netflix, with no commercials, and which will also reportedly include four to five brand new movies produced for the service each year.

Bob Iger thinks he’s pretty slick, trying to slip this news under the radar while everyone is distracted with the shocking revelation that Rian Johnson is working on creating a brand-new Star Wars trilogy set in a new corner of the Star Wars universe and not connected to the Skywalker saga. But we’re on to you, Bob! We’re on to you!

*points at eyes, points at Bob Iger, points back at eyes*

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