Dark Killers Based On The Seven Deadly Sins Are Available In Phantom Of The Kill Today

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gumi Inc. and Fuji & gumi Games’s global version of Phantom of the Kill, which is available in North America and Europe on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, have announced a series of new events slated for the game during this November.

The first chapter of the new story event “Dark Purge,” which depicts the fight against Dark Killers (evil, wicked princesses who serve the Dark Agent purging any rebellious elements), is now available. Each of the seven Dark Killers is based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins, as there are seven of them. And also because you can never do too much with the seven sins concept.

A suspicious man adorned completely in black appeared before you on your way to Yggdrasil. Introducing himself as the dark side of the Church of Ragnarok, the true identity of the man turned out to be a Dark Agent who purges rebellious elements inside the church. All at once, you found yourself being pursued by the purge force called Dark Killers. And so began your flight before the overwhelming power of these evil princesses.

Together with this story event, Dark Killer versions of Masamune and Artemis will also be available as premium units. Acquire the overwhelming prowess of these Dark Killers and aim to be on top!

Deeply connected with the main and Elysium story arcs, the subsequent chapters of the “Dark Purge” are lined up for future releases.

You can check out the Dark Killers in the gallery below.

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