‘Death Coming’ Gets Early Access A Little Too Early

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Some fans may have noticed that Death Coming was launched onto Steam’s Early Access this week, a bit too early in fact. As you can see from the developers note below that was left on their Steam page, the game was accidentally released earlier than expected and they can’t take it down. Honestly, though, the game is practically out when it’s out in Early Access, so we’re just calling this a formal release. Those of you wanting to get your hands on it can do so right now!

On Nov. 7th, we uploaded Version 428 after fixing bugs all through the night. However, at the same time, we accidentally released the game unexpectedly! When we spotted this from comments by players, we found we could not go back to *Early Access*. Even though we are mad with ourselves, we have to accept this accident.

Just like our slogan: life is about accidents and how we face up to them. We will face it. In an unexpected way, we have jumped from beta test to releasing, but that doesn’t mean we have done our work. On the contrary, we are still doing our best to make it the best game.

Please still consider ‘Death Coming’ as an Early Access game for the time being. Please continue to send us your report bugs and leave feedback on discussion boards and we will continue fixing bugs and making improvements based on your comments. Thank you for your understanding and support of the game!

(Last Updated November 9, 2017 7:42 am )

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