Joe Quesada Thanks Brian Michael Bendis For The Hard Work, Creativity, And Friendship

It was Joe Quesada who brought the crime comics writer/artist Brian Michael Bendis to the attention of Bill Jemas. Between them — and with help from a certain Mark Bagley — the Ultimate Universe was born in 2000 with Ultimate Spider-Man. It led to a sea change at the publisher, which would see Joe Quesada made Marvel EIC, and the new mood reflected in the movies that followed.

Today it was announced that Bendis would be DC Comics’ new exclusive writer. And because you can’t be an exclusive writer for Marvel and DC Comics, something had to give.

And so Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada, said goodbye to Brian.

We may hear about one of those changes in particular that may have contributed to this event later today, as well…

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