Dan Slott, Now The Second-Longest Continual Writer At Marvel Comics?

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At London Super Comic Con this summer, Dan Slott and Brian Michael Bendis got into a playful fight over who had written more Spider-Man stories. Well, with Bendis signing an exclusive deal with DC Comics (and yes, I am putting together an interestingly sourced selection of reasons why that happened to come soon), it looks like Slott will have no challengers to the More Spider-Man Than Anyone crown at Marvel Comics.

Bendis is also the second-longest continual writer at Marvel Comics — a mantle that Dan Slott is about to inherit as a result — but Peter David is still ahead of both of them. While he has been writing for Marvel since the ’80s, he took a break between The Incredible Hulk and Captain Marvel. But since 1999, he has been pretty much writing most months for Marvel Comics, currently writing Spider-Man 2099. Bendis has been doing the same since 2000 with Ultimate Spider-Man. While Slott worked for Marvel in the early ’90s, Ren And Stimpy fans, he then moved to DC Comics, only to return to Marvel in 2004 on She-Hulk and has stayed writing for Marvel ever since.

So a special congratulations to Dan Slott for moving from #3 to #2 at Marvel Comics, and there is no one to challenge you for the crown of King of Spider-Man anymore…

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