Todd McFarlane And Dan Slott On ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ To Help Zach Cherry Get A Spinoff Movie From Spider-Man Homecoming #DOAFLIP

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From our Marvel Editors panel from New York Comic-Con as reported by Hugh Sheridan

One audience member asked if there are any plans for the street vendor from Spider-Man: Homecoming? The panel was nonplussed: “Who played the street vendor?” asked Lowe “I did!” replied the audience member — “No plans, sorry pal,” Lowe said to laughter.

From CBR’s report,

Fan at the microphone asked, “Do you have any plans to include the street vendor from Spider-Man: Homecoming?” Lowe: “Who is the street vendor from Spider-Man: Homecoming?” Fan: “Me, I played the street vendor in Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Lowe: “We were going to use the street vendor, but Brian Bendis had plans for him in Iron Man.” Slott: “Also, I think you’re half-owned by Sony.”

From Newsarama’s report,

The actor who played the street vendor in Spider-Man: Homecoming jokingly asked if there were any plans to bring the minor character to comics. “I think you’re half-owned by Sony!” joked Slott.

Comics Beat didn’t consider the moment worthy of note.

But viewers of last Friday’s Late Night With Stephen Colbert certainly did. As Zach Cherry who, yes, played the street vendor in Spider-Man Homecoming went to NYCC to try and get a movie made of his character, getting Todd McFarlane among others to sign his petition.

And went to the Spider-Man panel where Dan Slott told him that he would be a great new love interest for Mary Jane….

You can see the whole clip below, including the movie’s teaser trailer, below… #DoAFlip


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