Thor Screenwriter Complains Of “Thorsplaining” On Twitter

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Thor: Ragnarok was finally released to theaters last weekend, and it was a huge hit, earning $121 million at the domestic box office. Even Zack Stentz, co-screenwriter of the original 2011 Thor film, was praising the movie on Twitter, only to be met with what he described as “Thorsplaining.”

Bleeding Cool generally tends to believe that the people who wrote the movies know what they’re talking about, but we did have to go back and fact check his claim. Was the first Thor movie really more than just Chris Hemsworth taking his shirt off? It’s certainly the scene we remember most. Let’s review.

Mmm. What were we talking about again?

Oh yes. IMDB claims that Thor’s runtime was one hour and fifty-five minutes, and the scene with Thor shirtless is only about 50 seconds long. So there must have been more going on in that movie than just Thor taking his shirt off… though we’re hard-pressed to think about anything else. It’s probably best to review the scene again, just to be sure.

Oh, are you still here? Sorry, we became distracted again.

Anyway, yes, Thor was indeed more than just Thor taking his shirt off. But did it really need to be? Watch the scene again, and you be the judge.

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