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Fox Backs Out Of Deal With The Russo Brothers

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It appears that the deal between Fox and the Russo Brothers, wherein Fox would help finance and distribute several film and TV projects by the Russos, will not come to pass. According to Variety, the studio and the directing duo had a promising-looking deal, but the numbers were too high for Fox.

Russo Brothers

A source close to the negotiations said that the Russos were looking for richer financial terms than the ones the studio offers to top directors such as James Cameron and Steven Spielberg. The source said there were issues related to the structure of the deal, with Fox coming to believe that it would be asked to shoulder too much of the financial risks associated with the projects.

The Russo Brothers are currently two of the bigger names that are in demand in Hollywood. They burst onto the scene with the fantastic Captain America: The Winter Soldier and solidified their role as rising action directors with Captain America: Civil War. Marvel handed the brothers the reins of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, which have a combined budget of a billion dollars.

Twentieth Century Fox chairman and CEO Stacey Snider sent an email to the brothers on Monday saying that the studio was walking away from the deal and ceasing negotiations, according to a person familiar with the correspondence. She went on to say that she wished the Russos the best in building their company and was looking forward to seeing the movies they made. She closed by noting that if there were individual projects that made sense for Fox, “the door to the studio was wide open.”

So it sounds like this deal is off, but the relationship between the Russos and Fox hasn’t really soured. There is still the chance that Fox will help them make some movies down the line, and that chance goes up even more if they hit it out of the park with these two Avengers movies — but this particular deal just isn’t happening right now.

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