Documentary About Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, The Price Of Fame, Is In Theaters For One Night This Week

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“The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase was one of the greatest pro wrestling heels of the 1980s and 1990s, living the wild rock star lifestyle on the road that wrestlers of that era were well known for. Today, Dibiase is an evangelical Christian preacher, having repented after his wife confronted him about infidelity. His story is captured in the documentary film The Price of Fame, which is opening in theaters for a one night theatrical run on Tuesday, November 7.

The movie is up against some stiff competition in Thor: Ragnarok, which has already made nearly half a billion dollars internationally. But that kind of money is chump change to the Million Dollar Man.

So sure, you could go see Thor: Ragnarok again. But everybody is going to be doing that. You don’t want to be just like everybody else, do you? If you’re looking for something different this week, check out the Fathom Events website to see if the film is playing in a theater near you.

The Price of Fame
A Story of Hope, Faith and Wrestling

The Price of Fame explores the life of Ted Dibiase, “Million Dollar Man” and his family. They built a Legacy in the ring, but the lasting impact will be felt for generations outside the ring. Discover what the Price of Fame was for Ted, and what he found that changed everything, something Priceless.


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