Deadworld Anthology Pays Tribute To Gary Reed

A new anthology from Riverdale Avenue Books aims to pay tribute to the late Gary Reed, creator of the classic zombie comic book Deadworld, with original short stories that take place in the Deadworld universe, as well as nonfiction essays about Reed. Edited by Lori Perkins, the book contains stories and articles by Kevin VanHookThomas MonteleoneJason HendersonAndrew RobertsonJennifer WilliamsKen HaighSarah StegallJamie K. SchmidtGeorge Ivanoff and Jeremy Wagner.

"Just as we all know there would be no The Walking Dead without Romero's Night of the Living Dead, I believe there would be no The Walking Dead without Deadworld," said Perkins, author and editor of several romance anthologies including a zombie-themed one, Hungry For Your Love. "It is the missing link between Romero's Night of the Living Dead and the shows of our current zombie renaissance, as it was the first serialized American zombie story."

A Tribute Anthology To Deadworld And Comic Book Publisher Gary Reed is available for purchase now from the Riverdale Avenue Books website and in bookstores, for $6.99 digitally and $16.99 in print.

Welcome to Deadworld!

In this tribute anthology to Deadworld, and its publisher Gary Reed, we've collected stories that take place in the Deadworld universe.

Deadworld is a graphic novel series that started in 1986 (and continues till this day) that follows survivors in a post-apocalyptic world brought on by zombie attacks led by the King Zombie, an intelligent zombie. The Deadworld universe has so much more to offer than just humans slaughtering zombies.

A Tribute to Deadworld features stories and articles by Kevin VanHook, Thomas Monteleone, Jason Henderson, Andrew Robertson, Jennifer Williams, Ken Haigh, Sarah Stegall, Jamie K. Schmidt, George Ivanoff and Jeremy Wagner.

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