DC Comics Wins Legal Battle Over Jesus — By Default

Bleeding Cool has mentioned the trademark battle between Stacey Lane Holmsley and DC Comics over this trademark for the word JESUS in a fashion that resembles the Superman shield, a couple of times.


DC Comics owns many Superman-related trademarks, as you might expect, but was this Jesus image different enough to defeat Warner Bros. lawyers?

We will never know.

One year ago, Stacey Lane Holmsley filed a trademark using the image for t-shirts, decals, temporary tattoos and more. DC Comics filed an opposition. It was all set to go to adjudication. But Holmsley never replied. So DC Comics won by default.

Shame, that may have been a fun one.

Other similar trademark applications that DC Comics are opposing, and that are yet to be decided upon, follow below…

Showerman of New Jersey, for printed materials, namely, coloring books, children’s activity books, puzzle books and story books; Magazines and pamphlets that promote good health and hygiene.

Muscle Maintenance of New Jersey for bodywork therapy services, namely, Massage therapy.

Hero Eyez of Los Angeles, Computer application software for mobile phones and other portable communications devices, namely, software for transmission of data, text, sound and video, location services, and transmission of alerts to law enforcement.

And Hello Bat! from Blue Moon Bell, a bat house attractant.

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