Lauren Looks Back: Williams’s 1957 Baseball Deluxe Pinball Machine

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In 1957, Williams released a rather unique pinball machine: the Baseball Deluxe. Now, it has the body of a typical pinball machine, and it is an electro-mechanical machine. But the playfield is unlike any other pinball machine. The ball comes out from the middle of the machine, and the player attempts to hit the ball with the bat, trying to score points.

There are three ramps you can hit in an attempt to score a home run, and there are holes in the field that drain the ball back to its starting point. There are other baseball pinball machines out there, but this is one of the most basic — and interesting — examples of the game. You can score replays on this machine, but the novelty of this machine was likely enough to take lots of money from kids and adults alike.

I’ve seen a number of restored machines in various collections and arcades, but sadly I don’t have a video of my own. There also isn’t a ton of information out there about this machine, so if you know more than I do, please share in the comments below!

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