Nerd Food: Happy National Doughnut Day From Disney Parks!

Nerd Food: Happy National Doughnut Day From Disney Parks!

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If you go to the Disney parks often, you no doubt are aware of the vast selections of sweets the parks offer. Heck, even if you’re just reading my articles, you know that Disney takes food seriously. Well, today is National Doughnut Day, and what better way to celebrate than with some Disney magic.

If you’re in Florida’s Walt Disney World, head on over to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor in Magic Kingdom, where you can get this delicious doughnut ice cream sundae! It consists of a glazed doughnut with cinnamon apple topping, ice cream, whipped cream, peanut butter chips, milk chocolate Mickey ears, and a cherry.

If you’re in California’s Disneyland, the obvious choice for a doughnut should be the Mickey Biegnets. I had some over the summer, and rather enjoyed them. One thing is for certain though–no matter where (or how) you celebrate today, it’ll be delicious no matter what!

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