Instead Of Stopping North Korean Missile Tests, Sami The Samurai Squirrel Teaches Readers To Believe In Themselves

As President Donald Trump begins his tour of Asia with a stop in Japan, new reports say the president expressed frustration with why Japan, a “nation of samurai warriors,” failed to shoot down the test missiles fired by the rogue nation of North Korea. New revelations uncovered by a Bleeding Cool investigation suggest that the reason “samurai warriors” have not been paying adequate attention to North Korea’s nuclear threats is because they’re currently engaged in a namby pampy liberal mission of making people feel good about themselves, a sentiment antithetic to everything the United States under President Donald Trump stands for.

In a new comic from Action Lab by Scoot McMahon, the peaceful critters of Woodbriar are under attack by a mysterious ghost — hopefully not a pervy ghost — and Sami the Samurai Squirrel springs into action to protect her friends with a mission of teaching people to “believe in yourself and your friends.”

From the press release:

SAMI THE SAMURAI SQUIRREL: WELCOME TO WOODBRIAR is a fun, all-ages comedy adventure. Themes of friendship, loyalty and love are explored as Sami makes new friends, while fighting for what’s right. If you enjoy Tiny TitansAw Yeah ComicsDucktales andAdventure Time, SAMI is the book for you!

The characters and style are relatable and friendly, while the story is fun and easy to follow, making it the perfect pick-up for kids of all-ages! Writer Scoot McMahon (Aw Yeah ComicsSpot on Adventure) says, “I want the reader to feel good about themselves and believe in themselves and each other.” He leaves us with the inspirational words: “Believe in yourself and your friends.”

Sami the Samurai Squirrel: Welcome to Woodbriar is set for release on January 31, and can be preordered from the November Previews catalog. Check out a preview below.

Writer(s): Scoot McMahon
Artist Name(s): Scoot McMahon, Art Baltazar, Franco
Cover Artist(s): Scoot McMahon
128 pgs./ A / FC

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