Have You Ever Wanted To Draw Cool Action Poses Like The Pros?

Have You Ever Wanted To Draw Cool Action Poses Like The Pros?

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Evan Burse writes,

I’m sure many of us have wanted to draw cool superheroes that we see in comics, movies & animation? Or…have you ever wanted to learn how to draw your OWN ORIGINAL action pose?

A lot of books show you finished poses & anatomy…but they NEVER show you HOW to draw the building blocks of action poses in an easy-to-follow “step-by-step” format.

This led me to create my NEW book…DYNAMIC ACTION on Kickstarter.

Hi, my name is Evan Burse. I’ve worked in animation for over 12 years on such shows as
Scooby-Doo, Batman Brave & The Bold, Black Panther, Hulk & Agents of Smash….and my personal favorite Teen Titans.

But some of you may know me from my YouTube channel, Cartoon Block, where I’ve been teaching people how to draw their favorite characters for the past 8 years.  I also do tutorials for my online students in my Cartoon Block Academy.

After getting feedback from my previous Kickstarter campaign, I decided to create an actual “how to draw” book.

And I want to pass my tips & techniques…on to you.  This is where I need YOUR SUPPORT.

“Dynamic Action” is going to be:
– 8.5 x 11 inches
– almost 200 pages of content
– offered in SOFT COVER or HARD COVER

What’s inside my new book “Dynamic Action”?:
In this book, you’ll learn things like

4. How to draw your own ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATION pose from scratch…. by using photos… AND other cool stuff to support your action drawings like: fists, proportions, model sheets.

Plus, I’m super stoked… a FULL library of reference photos.  For this COLLECTION OF PHOTOS, I knew I needed someone who knows ACTION.

So, I was fortunate to get Jeremy Scott to pose for me. He’s one of the best MMA fighters in Southern California.

With these photos, you can draw LITERALLY tons of ORIGINAL action drawings.

This book is for beginners, students, teachers & professionals…AND you can apply it to: comics, web comics, pin-ups, covers, posters, storyboards, animation.

Depending on which tier you pledge, here are some of the rewards you’ll get:
-Signed book
-Your name on credits page
-Original sketch on the front blank page
-1 full year mentorship by me
-Private drawing lessons thru Skype (along with joining my private FB group)
-Producer or Co-Exec Producer credit in the book (BIG PRINT)
…or ALL day drawing workshop at your local: school, comic shop, library or convention.

Doing a Kickstarter campaign has many challenges…and I need your support for printing, shipping, supplies & materials.  I appreciate you taking the time to look atmy project.  I can’t wait to get this book in your hands.

Since we’ve already reached out main goal, we need help reaching the STRETCH GOAL where all backers (who pledge $29 and up) will receive a FREE Batman Premium Print.

Please take a look at my project here on Kickstarter…and reserve your copy of Dynamic Action!

Just for the BLEEDING COOL fans–if we reach our $15k stretch goal–I’ll post a video on my YouTube channel of myself yelling “BLEEDING COOL fans are better than AWESOME SAUCE” while running thru my neighborhood in my pajamas….yes, in my pajamas.”

Thanks for your support and sharing the link with all your family and friends.

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