EffigyWatch For Guy Fawkes Night 2017 – Who’s Burning Who?

It is the 5th of November. Guy Fawkes Night. Bonfire Night. But here in Britain, we’re don’t just resort to burning effigies of Catholic terrorists sentenced to death for years ago…

…anyone is game. Here are a few figures that Brits have been sticking on a bonfire and sending up in flames this weekend.

Lewes has gone with a popular choice, Donald Trump.

But they weren’t prejudiced, he was joined by Kim Jong Un as well.

Tied to a rocket with Kim..


And, as is traditional, the sitting Prime Minister, Theresa May.


Providers of broadband services in rural areas (or not), BT Broadband has also been sentenced to the flames in the village of Templeton.

And of course, of course, Harvey Weinstein at Edenbridge


But he was joined by Guy Fawkes too.

Just to make it traditional.

And with that we’ll play out with Vicious Cabaret, the song from V For Vendetta, as written by Alan Moore, with art from David Lloyd and performed by Bauhaus‘s David J,


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