Activision Still Having Server Issues With ‘Call Of Duty: WWII’

Posted by November 2, 2017 Comment

As Call Of Duty: WWII launched today, Activision had to deliver the sad news to fans late last night that the multiplayer servers were not working. Aside from dealing with hackers and cheaters throughout the beta process, developers are now dealing with unstable servers that have made it more than problematic for players to connect and get a game going.

To be clear, the reports coming in are showing that PS4 and Xbox One owners are the people getting hit the hardest with these issues, while PC players seem to be doing okay for the most part with some technical issues here and there. A few hours ago, Activision support posted an update letting people know that service has been restored, but a quick check of Reddit and Twitter shows that people are still having issues getting into matches and staying there. Hopefully, any lingering issues will be solved before the weekend.

(Last Updated November 3, 2017 12:14 pm )

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