Demogorgon Fan? Stranger Things Fan? Check Out This McFarlane Figure!

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The demogorgon is a pretty terrifying villain. Stranger Things certainly upped the creep-factor this year (no spoilers don’t worry), but it would always be hard to top the horror of the first season’s big bad monster. While we have gotten some demogorgon stuff released, nothing has really blown me away. The Funko Pops were pretty cool. The 3.75 inch action figure has a great sculpt, but the design flaws don’t allow it to stand very well.

McFarlane Toys Stranger Things Demogorgon Action Figure

Stranger Things Demogorgon McFarlane Figure

From a parallel universe known as the Upsidedown, the monster that was soon nicknamed the Demogorgon by the young group of friends,  it travels between two worlds wreaking havoc in it’s own world as well as in the town of Hawkins, Indiana.

  • Spectacular likeness of Demogorgon sculpted from images from the show
  • 10″ Deluxe Figure
  • Designed with 12+ points of articulation for dynamic posing
  • Figure features a stylized Stranger Things branded disc display base and is showcased in retro-themed packaging

Now this is more like it. The demogorgon will join other announced figures Hopper, Eleven, Dustin, and Lucas. Everything will be in scale with each other. They will all also come on vintage-style cards. As with all other McFarlane Toys figures, the sculpt looks fantastic and most importantly the paint aps on the open mouth look perfect. Hopefully that foot articulation has strong joints so the figure has no trouble standing. Too often that seems to be the case. But since it comes with a figure stand i guess it is a moot point for most.

This figure will be hitting shelves in February. Hopper and Eleven are due to hit stores anytime now. This one is a deluxe 10 inch figure, however, and will run $34.99 instead of $19.99. As a huge fan, they got my money here already. But maybe pick up Hopper or Eleven first and see if you like it. You can preorder one here.

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