Lying In The Gutters – That Was The MCM London Comic Con That Was

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I’m writing this at the back of a panel at MCM London Comic Con at the end of the day about controversy in comics and realising that every story people are talking about, is referring to the Bleeding Cool reporting of it. I should really try a way to sponsor it next year…

So what have you been reading on Bleeding Cool this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Supergirl, Arrow, And American Gods Stars Take It Off For A Good Cause
  2. A Familiar Character Is Set To Discover That Peter Parker Is Spider-Man – Again (SPOILER)
  3. Geoff Johns, DC President, No Longer Reports To DC
  4. Knox County Mayoral Candidate Kane Commits Murder On Camera At WWE TLC Event
  5. Star Wars Pint Glass Sparks Rumors Of Last Jedi Spoiler For Luke Skywalker
  6. There Will Be Two Action Comics #1000s – A $30 168 Page Hardcover And A $5.99 Special
  7. Gal Gadot Confirms A Wonder Woman Retcon
  8. Doctor Who Magazine Writer Hides Secret Message That We Can’t Print In This Headline
  9. Howard Chaykin Makes The Rudest Reference In A DC Comic For Quite Some Time…
  10. After Joss Whedon Reshoots, Justice League Runtime Now 50 Minutes Shorter
  11. SCOOP: Grant Morrison Returns To Batman For Dark Nights: Metal Wild Hunt (UPDATE)
  12. Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 22nd October 2017, Marvel Legacy – “A Gamble We Lost Badly”
  13. Every Change DC Made To Mark Millar And Frank Quitely’s The Authority #13 And #14 – Politics, Rape And Intellectual Property
  14. The Road To Doomsday Clock In Today’s Action Comics #990, Detective Comics #967, And JLA #17
  15. Schrödinger’s Gay Makes Another Appearance In The MCU
  16. New Logo For Avengers: Infinity War On The Prelude Comic
  17. So How Come The Human Torch Can’t Buy Back The Baxter Building? (Amazing Spider-Man #790 SPOILERS
  18. James Gunn Says He’s Been Warning People About James Toback For 20 Years
  19. You Can Play ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Game’ Free
  20. Secret Handshake Between 2 Middle-Aged Men Was Highlight Of WWE TLC

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Marvel Liquidates Marvel Masterworks And Omnibuses Stock To Retailers Ahead Of The Holidays
  2. It’s Alan Moore Vs. Northamptonshire Council In Library Showdown, With BBC TV Show At Stake
  3. Is There Another Reference To Beta Ray Bill In Thor: Ragnarok?
  4. Punisher Angst Over Mass Shootings Is The Most Read Marvel Comic Right Now – But Nothing To Do With Marvel
  5. Dr Strange Lush – How Alan Moore Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bath Bomb
  6. Rob Liefeld Vs. Diamond Over A Thousand Missing Comic Books
  7. SCOOP: Jim Broadbent Is Marvin In New Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Alongside Lenny Henry And Ed Byrne, Announced At MCM London Comic Con
  8. 100 Cosplay Shots From MCM London Comic Con October 2017
  9. Bryan Talbot’s New Graphic Novel Uses Anti-Spoiler Technology
  10. Alan Moore And Ian Gibson’s Ballad Of Halo Jones Remastered And Recoloured For New Prestige Volumes


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