Disney Introduces New Fireworks Show For Visually Impaired Guests

Posted by October 25, 2017 Comment

In an effort to make sure everyone is included at the Disney Parks, Disney Research has come up with a new way for visually impaired guests to experience their fireworks show!

The experience will use multiple water jets, so guests can experience the show via touch. There is actually endless potential with this technology. According to the Disney Research website:

“We present Feeling Fireworks, a tactile firework show. Feeling Fireworks is aimed at making fireworks more inclusive for blind and visually impaired users, in a novel experience that can be shared by all. Tactile effects are created using directable water jets that spray onto the rear of a flexible screen, with different nozzles for different firework effects. Our approach is low-cost and scales well, and allows for dynamic tactile effects to be rendered with high spatial resolution. “

This is a wonderful move on Disney’s part, proving that the magic is indeed for everyone.

(Last Updated October 24, 2017 9:28 pm )

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