Armando Iannucci Comes To Forbidden Planet In London Tomorrow

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Armando Iannucci was previously a producer on WeekEnding, the BBC Radio 4 topical sketch show that used to run on Friday evenings. I wrote for the show after he’d departed, but he was spoken of in hushed tones.

I was working for Metro FM as an advertising copywriter when his show that utterly destroyed radio and TV news, On The Hour and The Day Today emerged, introducing Chris Morris to the UK as a while, creating Alan Partridge as played by Steve Coogan, and highlighting people like Stewart Lee and Richard Herring, David Schneider and Peter Baynham, Rebecca Front, Doon Mackichan and so many others.

The only time I saw him in person was in the audience for an unforgettable moment of television, The Election Night Armistice, a General Election special version of The Friday Night Armistice, his political comedy show with Schneider and Baynham that might seem so familiar to viewers of The Daily Show in the USA a decade later. America would, however, discover him through his show The Thick Of It and its movie spinoff In The Loop, and HBO would see him create the show Veep, which he show ran for four years.

And now he has another film. The Death of Stalin, based on the French graphic novel being published in the UK by Titan Comics — and being followed up by a prequel, The Death of the Tsar.

Which means, tomorrow evening, he is signing copies of a comic he had no involvement with at Forbidden Planet in London from 6 p.m. And he is being accompanied with co-writers Peter Fellows and David Schneider.

So, yeh. Okay. I’ll be going along. See him for a second time. I wonder if he’ll recognise my face from that crowd in this one?

Here’s a look at the comic — and some of Armando’s greatest hits.

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