Adding Your Favorites To 'Dropmix' As We Review The Expansions

Recently we had a chance to review the awesome battling DJ game Dropmix, and while the game does have a couple of flaws, overall it was an awesome title that we think would be a blast at parties. Because the game's music selection can get repetitive after say 50 hours of gameplay, sometimes you need to change things up. Behold as Harmonix have produced four expansion packs for the game that you can add to the game.

Now there are two kinds of expansion packs for Dropmix. The first is the Discover Pack which has five different cards of different genres that below to different suits. They're very random and you need to buy all of them to complete each suit. The other kind, which we have here today, are the Playlist Packs. These are complete suits of 15 cards with one hidden card for another series. The added bonus to this is that they are not randomized in genre as all four of these packs are specific music types. You can choose between Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Electronica. They're all basically ready to go out of the box the minute you open them up.

Each pack plays well, but I must say I had the most fun with the Rock and Pop selections. The Pop selection was a great mix of The Jackson Five, Rick James, Sia, Gloria Gaynor and more. The Rock sid has great selections from Panic! At The Disco, Weezer, Blink 182, Walk To The Moon and other. However, the drawback to these decks is the selection in artists as you get a few repeating artists and the same songs, just different sections of the songs.

A good example is I got two Panic! cards, both the same song, but one was the vocals and one was the drums. That's not variety, that's making the most out of what you have. I expected a lot more than repeating the same 6-7 people.  I would love to see more selection down the road. For now, it kinda works because Dropmix is so new and they probably don't have a massive catalog to pick from. But at the same time, I kinda feel cheated. It's literally a 50/50 split for myself on whether to purchase or not. Some are really great, others not so much, it just depends on your personal taste.

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