Lauren Looks Back: Sounds Of Terror! For Halloween

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Up until this past weekend, I had no idea this even existed. My boyfriend owns a copy though, and when I saw it I regretfully informed him that it was no longer his.

The record is absolutely perfect for Halloween. Other than the Monster Mash cover, the rest of the tracks are hellishly creepy. Seriously, just listen to this buried alive track.

Shockingly, this is a kids record. Granted not all of the tracks are creepy (some are hilariously bad), but this is still a kids record. Pickwick released this in 1974, which really tells me that 1974 was a wild time to be alive. The tracks were written by Frank Daniel, right after he immigrated to America. Wade Denning, who had formally produced big band music, produced this album. This wouldn’t be the only foray into Halloween music he did, but I’m only focusing on this one example.

Sadly, there’s not much known about this record. I’d love to know who did the cover art (it’s awesome), but I guess I’ll just remain in the dark. If you know anything more about this classic album, let me know in the comments below!

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