Jeph Loeb Explains Why We Don’t See Avengers Tower In The Marvel/Netflix Series

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You can’t talk Marvel TV unless you talk about various crossovers. Thus far, the shows haven’t touched each other much from network to network; but in an interview with Inverse, producer Jeph Loeb was asked about the new Hulu series Runaways and whether it would acknowledge the Netflix series.

“You’re obviously trying to get me into trouble by saying ‘#ItsAllConnected,’ and that’s fair. But it is all connected. And they do live in a world where Tony Stark is Iron Man, and by the same token they are aware that there are heroes that live in New York that aren’t part of the Avengers and are street level guys. What it really comes down to is story.

We can always put in a line that says “this person’s going to Hulk out,” but whether or not those stories are going to intersect with each other or those characters are going to interact with each other is complicated on a numbers of things. One is schedule, the other is they are on different networks and oftentimes networks have feelings about that that we have to take into consideration. And, lastly, and most importantly, is storytelling. We never do Easter eggs for the purpose of having an Easter egg. But Cloak and Dagger deals a lot with the people at Roxxon and people will know Roxxon for it being in other series in the same kind of way that there’s Hammer tech running around in Luke Cage, and we all know where Justin Hammer came from.

It’s all part of the Marvel universe, and if you read Marvel comics, you recognize that it’s probably fairly rare that Thor’s going to run into Ghost Rider, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t live in the same world.”

The universe is quite big, but the fun of a connected universe and bringing characters together is the whole point of all this. Why not have two polar opposites on screen and see how they react to each other? One of the other issues that tends to come up is the lack of the Avengers tower in the Netflix series, and Loeb danced around that question as well.

“I think it’s much more that we look at it from the point of view of ‘where are we?’ and having to establish that along the way. In many ways, being less specific helps the audience understand that this could be on any street corner. Where we’re sitting right now, I can see the Empire State Building, but if we were sitting 30 blocks that way, I wouldn’t be able to see the Empire State Building. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It just means that we can’t see it from where we are.”

Seems like showing the tower would be a nice and easy “show don’t tell” way of connecting the movies and the television shows, but sure, angles work, too.

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