Twitch Has An Impressive Audience Share, According To New Report

Today, Dot Esports published a story detailing a SuperData Research study on streaming media that shows Twitch has basically become the second biggest streaming media site online, with only YouTube being ahead of it. What’s more, the audience share was compared to other popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go, showing that it has a bigger share than most of their competition in the same field. The study cites that a lot of their success is due to live gaming events and individual gaming streams from popular users. The story also cites some of their demographic information, including that “approximately 46 percent of all viewers are women, with an average viewership at 33-years old making $58k USD yearly. 52 percent live in North America, too, suggesting that the U.S. and Canada are major players in content creators’ success.”


The study already has its own set of detractors, saying that it’s unfair to compare a free service with an optional subscription plan to services that cater to having a specific library where they have to pay royalties to keep it in service. But the majority of those arguments are only going after Twitch and are ignoring YouTube, even though YouTube runs on the same principals with their video content and use of YouTube Red. In other words, they can’t pick a fight with #1, so they’re fighting with #2. Regardless of how you feel, it seems Amazon has been making the right choices with Twitch over the past year or so to get their platform to the next level and are now a formidable site for streaming media. Only time will tell if they’re good enough to take on the red juggernaut.

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