Rick Veitch's Maximortal Sequel In Stock At Amazon Right Now

Rick Veitch's series of comics known as the King Hell Heroica, currently Bratpack and Maximortal are the third part of the triangle of Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns that deconstructed superheroes in the late eighties/early nineties, indeed his previous book for Marvel, The One preceded the publication of Watchmen. It showed a bunch of teen superhero sidekicks dealing with the death of their senior figures and the potential return of True Man, originating the phrase "live fast, love hard, die with your mask on".

Tundra published the sequel, Maximortal in the nineties, a deep and disturbing treatise on the comic book creators of Superman and True Man as a real-life version of the character they created as a living breathing superpower. The books were visually disturbing with graphic violence and a skeevy sexuality that dripped off the page.

Rick Veitch has been threatening another book for many years. In 2009 he posted this single page of a book he called Boy Maximortal.

Well, it is now complete. And rather than use comic shops or Diamond to distribute the completed 100 page volume, he is putting it on Amazon and what he calls "and a few enlightened retailers." Boy Amazon is available right now here in the US, here in Canada, here in the UK.

Widely acclaimed comic book visionary, Rick Veitch, author of multiple Eisner nominees Brat Pack and The Maximortal, finally returns to his legendary King Hell Heroica. Boy Maximortal continues the story of True-Man, now a teenager hiding from an increasingly desperate military while trying to come to grips with powers far beyond those of normal men, all played against a backdrop of the sleazy underworld of comic book publishing. Veitch's superhero deconstruction digs deep into the roots and heart of a cultural mythos that has come to define our times.

It has been an utterly remarkable work so far. And you can catch up on previous Bratpack (US, CanadaUK) and Maximortal volumes (US, CanadaUK) in the same order if you wish. I've just placed mine.

If you like superhero comics, if you want a greater understanding of what they are, the possibilities and the dangers, then you need to read the King Hell Heroica. And Amazon will be the only place you can order this… as Veitch explains…


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