Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Freakshow

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This article contains spoilers for the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode – Freakshow






Legends of Tomorrow
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Legends of Tomorrow aired it’s second episode of the season last night and it was a lot of fun. Ray Palmer has hacked the Time Bureau tech and now the Waverider can track the anachronisms. Ray has also created a shrink ray, but don’t call it that. The team decides to get started with something simple, a level 1 anachronism in 1817 Wisconsin at the P.T. Barnum traveling circus. Turns out what they’re looking for is his newest attraction, a saber-tooth tiger. And like the Legends do, they screw up getting it, hitting it with a growth ray instead and setting it free… moving it’s threat from level 1 to level 6. We also discover that Agent Sharpe has sent Gary to spy on the team. Sara goes gets Amaya to help, which upsets Nate. We learn that Amaya bailed on him with no warning on his birthday. Sara and Amaya go to find the tiger while Jax, Ray and Nate go drinking and end up talking about the powers, or at least a dunk Nate does, to P.T. Barnum. Nate goes back to the ship while Ray and Jax are captured by Barnum and B’wana Beast. They get the Tiger, capture Gary while Barnum captures Nate and Amaya. For a circus guy he’s doing much better than the Legends here.

Nate and Amaya finally talk and we learn that she left because of Mari McCabe, the present day Vixen. She couldn’t risk wiping Mari out of existence. With the captured, Sara sends Mick and Stein to save the others while she has to deal with Agent Sharpe who has shown up on the ship. The two have an epic battle that includes stopping for a water break. Meanwhile Mick freaks out about clowns, leaving Stein to try and rescue the others. Ray and Jax are set up like conjoined twins. Stein dressed up as a clown, Mick starts fighting clowns, gets tossed in the air to Jax where they become Firestorm and wow the crowd just as Amaya taps into her powers and loses control, attacking Barnum. Nate has to stop her. The crowd goes wild. Sara gets the saber-tooth tiger back under control and finds out that there is some big evil coming that Rip Hunter plans to use the Legends to defeat. Amaya admits to the team that she’s been having problems with her powers, having killed a bunch of soldiers with them, and she’s going to stay with the team until she sorts them out. Sara tells them about the big bad evil that’s coming, that the Time Bureau is scared of… and they all laugh. And it all ends with a woman in a cloak summoning Kuasa, Vixen’s sister who has the ability to control water because of her totem.

It was a fast paced, crazy fun episode with a few Easter Eggs like Stein bad mouthing the designer of the Titanic, the very person he played in the Titanic movie the he was in with this week’s guest start Billy Zane. Zane was awesome as Barnum, giving the idea that he was constantly seeing the angles on everything. Jason William Day didn’t say much as B’wana Beast, but it was cool seeing the character. The subplot with Amaya and Nate was interesting and should lead to more drama going forward. And the fight between Sharpe and Sara was well done. The two are almost mirror images, which makes you wonder what is up with Rip picking a second in command almost identical to Sara. But the team busting out laughing and comparing the new threat to the ones they’ve already dealt with was the best moment of the night.

Next week we get to meet the newest member of the Legends, Zari Adrianna Tomaz (Tala Ashe), a Hacktivist from the future. She is based on the Isis character created as part of DC’s 52 comic series and is associated with Black Adam, but no idea how much of that will stay with this version of the character. And it is likely they will stay away from the Isis name because of the terrorist group. The most interesting thing in the trailer to me is Mick’s reaction to her. He seems impressed by her and it makes sense, she’s got a criminal record and so does he. Mick has been kind of a loner since Leonard Snart died. Could this be a new friend/partner for him?


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