Sasha Banks Goes Against Alicia Fox In A Week-Long Grudge Match

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After Sasha Banks took out Alicia Fox in last week’s RAW, Fox has had her eyes on Banks. The two talented athletes wasted no time throwing each other around, but Fox was determined.

Fox quickly got Banks into a head lock, but Banks got out of it and returned the favor with a Bank Statement, giving Banks the win. This was a wasted match, as the two are pretty much equals. Fox, in a moment of desperation, screamed “re-match” as Banks walked away from the ring. From what I’ve seen of Fox on RAW, she is currently under used. The “unstable” angle they have her playing is a little annoying, but having a few unhinged superstars is always fun (here’s looking at you, Bray Wyatt).

Even after the match Fox wasn’t done, attacking Banks backstage and throwing her–and a ref–around. I’m fairly certain she yelled “You’re not my dad!” at one point, which in itself is hilarious.

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox, WWE Raw

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