Batman Gets A Rebirth Statue From Kotobukiya

Batman has had many forms over the years. But I would say that this Rebirth Batsuit is a high point. The combo of yellow and black on the Bat symbol really looks dynamite. The purple shade on the underside of the cape looks great. Not to mention the book, written by Tom King, continues the stellar work on the character these last few years that started with Scott Snyder. Now, we get a statue based on this newer incarnation.

Batman Rebirth Kotobukiya Statue

Kotobukiya turns to the newest Batman comics for their next Batman ARTFX+ statue with Batman Rebirth! Following the end of New 52, DC Universe begins a new story with Rebirth. Continuing the lineup with Superman and Super Sons comes the Dark Knight from Gotham, Batman!

This 1/10 scale pre-painted statue is sculpted in detail from his serious face, mask, the emblem on his chest to his flowing cape and new utility belt. Batman poses with his bat-a-rang, ready to strike down anyone who threatens his city.

Easy-to-collect 1/10 scale statue includes magnets in the feet for stability when displayed on the included metal base. Perfect to display alone or alongside other Kotobukiya ARTFX+ statues.

This one is going to be a must-buy for Batman fans for sure. Koto always puts out stellar product, and at their affordable price there is no excuse not to add this to your collection. I would expect that they will be doing the whole Justice League. They did for The New 52. Why wouldn’t they do the same for Rebirth? I look forward to the eventual Aquaman statue. I really love his look in the Rebirth book. But Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman will come first. As they should.

It is shipping in May 2018. If your are so inclined you can preorder one for yourself right here.


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