New Teaser Site Loaded For Next Nippon Ichi Title

If you feel like solving mysteries, Nippon Ichi Software just gave you a new one to solve today with a brand new teaser website. Depending on how secure your connection is and how safe your browser is, you may or may not end up seeing this website. But regardless, it appears a brand new title is on the way from the company and it has something to do with four primary colors. The photo below comes to us from Dual Shockers, who were able to get to the website before it started acting all weird to people who tried to view it.

credit//Dual Shockers

Much like their previous websites, there’s no clue given as to what the genre is, a trailer, a reveal date of any kind, or a hint to even the audience they’re trying to reach. More than likely, we’re all just going to find out at the same time whenever they decide to reveal the details at another convention or some kind of special event where they plan to talk about one thing and surprise us with a random reveal. If you think you have an idea of what’s going on, please, feel free to speculate in the comments section.

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