Nerd Food: Vamp Up Your October With Count Chocula Cereal!

Posted by October 15, 2017 Comment

Growing up in the early ’90s, I distinctly remember Count Chocula cereal being widely available all the time. My parents never bought it for me, but I loved the commercials, and I wanted this cereal so damn bad.

But then the cereal vanished off shelves one day, only to re-appear as a seasonal cereal for Halloween. So, earlier this month, I bought myself a box.

In short, I’ve been missing out for the past 31 years. The cereal is actually really good. It’s like Lucky Charms, but all chocolate — something I can get behind. Plus, it’s not crazy sweet; it’s just right. I’ve been slowly getting through the box this month, but I have a feeling I’ll be buying extra boxes after Halloween.

If you have yet to try this cereal (I’m sure there’s one other person out there. Maybe.) go get it. It’s only out during the Halloween season, so your time is running out!

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