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Cosplayers are one of the best parts about conventions. They bring a ton of enthusiasm and joy with them to cons, and really embody the fan spirit. I got a chance to hang out with Brightside Cosplay not too long ago, and she shared with me some of her insights into cosplay!

BC: How long have you been cosplaying?

Brightside: I’ve been cosplaying for three years now. Still have a lot to learn!

What was the inspiration behind your costume?

I had recently watched Death Note on Netflix and while I didn’t like the new adaption, it did remind me how much I love the original series. As I was thinking about what characters I could cosplay from the anime, I had this thought, “I think I could pull together a Misa Amane costume just from things I already have.” So, I went to my closet and voilà! Didn’t have to buy a single thing.

What do you like about cosplay?

There are so many things! I’ve always loved dressing up; I’ll seriously use any excuse to wear a costume. But with cosplay specifically, I like that it gives me the chance to be someone else for a while. Usually, I find I’m much more outgoing when I’m in cosplay, so it really gets me to come out of my shell. Also, the community! All the more experienced cosplayers I’ve met have been willing to answer questions, provide insight or advice, and are just encouraging overall to a newbie like me.

Do you have a fan page or Instagram you’d like to share?

Sure! You can follow me on Instagram @brightsidedarkside.

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