Tag And Bink From The Star Wars Comics Are In The Han Solo Movie

Tag and Bink are the main characters in a series of tongue in cheek Star Wars comics, by Kevin Rubio, creator of Star Wars parody film from 20 years ago, Troops.

Tag is from the planet Corellia and Bink is from Alderaan. The two first meet when they are found to have Force potential. The comics illustrate how these two Jedi in training haphazardly cause all the pivotal events in the Star Wars universe. Tag and Bink are regarded as the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the Star Wars universe, a pair of minor characters who deliberately or accidentally influence the events seen in the first and second film trilogies. Their meddling was also intended to explain some of the inconsistencies in the movies.

Tag and Bink comics were first published by Dark Horse Comics from 2001 and the whole Tag and Bink series was collected in Tag & Bink Were Here.

As with all non-movie Star Wars stories before The Force Awakens, the stories had all been placed into non-continuity, but these were already meant to be in non-continuity at the time. Of course you know what happens when you multiply a negative by a negative. And what happens when you take something out of continuity and you make it non-continuity.

Ron Howard, current director of the Han Solo movie is making them continuity… along with the film’s writer.

And everyone started freaking out, Including Kevin Rubio…

And Jon Kasden, writer of the Han Solo movie and playing Tag…

And first assistant director Toby Hefferman playing Bink.

So how is eBay taking it? Well the comics were already collector’s items so there hasn’t been an instant hoovering of all copies.  The collection goes for up to $125 by itself, while the original story Tag And Bink Are Dead first two issues go for over $50 the pair. Though copies can be picked up between ten and twenty dollars if you look… for the next ten minutes at least.

Happy hunting.

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