Kickstarter Spotlight: Realms Of The Void, A Space Fantasy Epic

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Realms of the Void by Santiago R. Villa
Realms of the Void by Santiago R. Villa

Santiago R. Villa says:

Realms of The Void is an epic, colossal story of good against evil, set in a sci-fantasy, haunting, and beautiful universe called The Void. The Kickstarter project stands for a 160+ pages graphic novel that is the ground-base foundation of a trilogy and other series of stories. Stories about the Realms, its heroes and villains. It is a sci-fantasy universe sandbox for storytellers. It hosts the sidereal battlefields where good and evil collide, as it is also the home of countless civilizations. It relies on the power of love for role-playing games, fairy tales and mythology. This Kickstarter will help fund the remaining development of the book and also a first release that will be exclusive for the backers of the project!

This book tells the story of Delrhin, a Knight Errant and a servant of our Lady, the White Goddess, mother of creation and order. Delrhin joins -in fellowship with “The Realms Greatest”- on The Crown’s quest to put an end to The Black God, father of destruction and chaos.

Realms of the Void Art by Santiago R. Villa
Realms of the Void Art by Santiago R. Villa

Some time in the future, Delrhin is trying to get back home without any memory of what happened and with a cursed wound. The curse is a connection to the Black God’s world and it brings him an immense power, but also an immense burden. He only has his -prophetical?- dreams and his companion droid “Minstrel” to help him find it’s way back home.

Along the journey, he will meet new friends and find out that his King was dethroned and that the Realms are now at war; all caused by an evil “Rifter” (a warlock) called Yersin, that plotted against The Crown Realm.
Delrhin will fight it’s way to the truth and his cure so he can defeat this new evil. In this journey, he will discover the hidden plot of this new war and he will face the evil Yersin!


Josh here, this looks like a really cool project. The Kickstarter is not yet up, but you can check on the project at its Facebook page for updates.

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