Exploring The Latest Creations On The YouTube Red Series 'Furze World Wonders'

If you're not familiar with Colin Furze, I'd be shocked at this point as the man is responsible for some of the more outlandish creations and destruction videos you'll see on YouTube, just shy of MythBusters. The man has been on several television shows and YouTube programs over the years, which has helped him set a few world records and probably put his life in danger more times than he can count. Recently, Fruze brought his talents to YouTube Red where he has a brand new series called Fruze World Wonders.

The show itself is somewhat reality-creation based, in that they find a person who reached out to Furze and asked him to create something for them on his dime that turns out to be super outrageous. It's a little bit Bar Rescue and a little bit Jackass. We got to preview the first two episodes before they went online, which included Furze visiting a guy at a bike shop who wanted his own DIY ramp system to have more control over stunts outside of parks, and a rock band who needed a better mode of transportation and presentation for their rock show than what they were doing before.

For what its worth, Furze World Wonders is pretty entertaining, as they explain what the person wants and why they want it in the clearest way possible, along with demos and other videos of people doing what they do. It was cool watching the first episode as they showed off bike tricks and highlighted what kids were doing in that circuit. The second episode showed off a band playing a bunch of music as they're trying to make their way through their local music scene and become bigger. It's a nice introspective into their lives before Colin came knocking, and how someone with a little bit of creativity and a lot of cash can help them out.

The biggest problem the show suffers from is the predictability of reality television. I don't believe for a second he just popped in on these people and they didn't know he was coming. I don't believe Furze got all this stuff on short notice in a remote location to be built in a couple hours time. Like all reality television, everything is cut up and delivered to you in a short package with a bow on it, like building the fireworks catherine wheel where they built it in a matter of moments like it was nothing in a chopped up two hours, where that job should have taken them ten hours.

Overall, Fruze World Wonders is pretty cool, a decent addition to YouTube Red, and it's nice to get another program where people basically build stuff for fun, even if it serves no purpose beyond having random fun to be destroyed the day after. If you can get past the reality television aspects of the show, you'll enjoy every moment of it. If you can't, you'll be seeing it every thirty seconds and you just won't be able to avoid it. If you can, just turn your brain off for a few and enjoy the ride.

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