Wash Off Your Demons With Femme Fandom Fix!

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Bath bombs have been rather popular now for some time and people all over the world are creating their own bath bombs for every skin type and every theme. Femme Fandom Fix–whom I currently am in love with–makes some nerdy and spooky bath bombs. Since it is the season of all things spooky, I gave their Wash Off Your Demons bomb a try.

The bath bomb is seasonally appropriate as it is in the shape of a coffin. Each one comes with a skeleton (either a demon or a victim) and a story about said thing. The bomb turns your bath a beautiful midnight blue, and smell wise it’s perfect for a crisp, fall day–warm vanilla and smoky woods, with notes of cedar, amber, and musk. I got a demon, tho truth to be told I seemed to have misplaced the story behind him. Oh well, he makes an excellent addition to my desk.

The bomb works amazingly well. The color is even through the whole bath, and the scent lasts a good, long while. It’s also filled with moisturizing oils and leaves skin so soft and moisturized. This is the perfect addition to any relaxing evening, so get yourself one today!

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