The Beauty Of Horror At Your Fingertips: A Macabre Coloring Book

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Alan Robert is a horror fiend. The musician and comic book creator has come out with his second horror-themed coloring book, The Beauty of Horror 2: Ghoulina’s Creepatorium. The coloring books are awesome; ghoulish and creepy. If you’re a fan of the macabre, this book is for you! I was lucky enough to chat with Robert this past weekend at NYCC, who shared with me what inspired him the most to create these coloring books.

When he came home from a tour with his band Life of Agony, he saw his wife and daughter coloring. He wanted to jump right in with them, but none of the coloring books spoke to him. So he came up with a coloring page of his own: the infamous CBGB bathroom. He then threw it up on his website, where the image has since been downloaded more times than he can really say. From there, he decided to do a full fledged coloring book.

Since Robert had already done three or four horror books on his own, he proposed the idea to IDW on April 1st of last year. Within minutes they replied with an enthusiastic yes — and it was no joke. The first The Beauty of Horror was a #2 best-seller — popular enough that there’s even a commercial for it, featuring the creepy Ghoulina. The second installment of the series just came out this past September, and there may be a part 3 in the works, too!

Robert wouldn’t consider it a kid-friendly book, as the imaginative coloring books are a little gruesome for younger eyes. But the pages are certainly creative. He’s taken his own twist on popular monsters, even combining some as well. You can check the commercial out on his website, as well as his other books as well. There’s even a coloring contest up and running, so grab yourself a copy and get creative!

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