Worst Product Placement Ever: KFC’s Colonel Sanders Joins ‘WWE 2K18’

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If you haven’t been watching WWE’s promotional attempts over the past year, don’t worry, we don’t blame you. We tune out during the dumb commercials as well. One of the strangest campaigns they’ve been doing lately is one with KFC, starting with Dolph Ziggler and The Miz doing a mix of live action and pre-taped segments featuring Ziggler as Colonel Sanders himself and Miz as a random chicken company mascot who fight it out, with The Colonel being the winner of course. That morphed over time until today when Shawn Michaels is the current Colonel as of SummerSlam, but we still can’t figure out who the hell this campaign is aimed at.

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Well, WWE and KFC have decided to take this strange relationship to the next level by adding Colonel Sanders into WWE 2K18 as a playable character, modeled more off of what Ziggler looked like with a bit more muscle mass attached to the frame. Again, no clue who this is supposed to be aimed at, nor are we sure who the unlucky soul was in WWE who got to see their inclusion of the game replaced by a fast food mascot, but there he is for you to create your own version of Ronald McDonald in CAW mode and beat him up.

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