‘American Horror Story: Cult’ E05 Recap: “Good Night, Sweet Prince”

american horror story cult recap e05

We’re back again for Bleeding Cool’s weekly recap of American Horror Story: Cult, this time taking a look at an incredibly powerful Episode 5: ‘Holes.’

And what an appropriate title for tonight’s episode, as we start to see the “holes” that are forming in what was looking like a seamless, methodical plan from Kai (Evan Peters) and his clown cult. Even as Kai continues his path to political power, Hope (Adina Porter) sees a vulnerability in Kai that she might be able to exploit for her own power-grab. Ally (Sarah Paulson) realizes that there’s much more going on, as a pre-bag-over-her-head-and-dragged-away Meadow (Leslie Grossman) confesses to Ally that she can’t trust anyone. Oh, and my theory about Dr. Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson)? Was so painfully right, but even I didn’t see that it was to this extent.

So my overview/recap of the episode is waiting patiently for your eyeballs below, along with some Spare Parts that I picked up along the way that I thought you might find interesting. You can also check out the transcript of my live-blog of the episode here or by clicking the link after the video.

But one quick thing before we get our recap under way…

Once again, this is not a formal review — more of a recap/review/stream of consciousness mash-up “monster” all its own — but I will be covering some themes and takeaways involving major and minor plot points from the episode. Just something to keep in mind before watching or re-watching the episode. Definitely not looking to have angry fellow geeks outside my apartment with pitchforks and torches because I slacked off on the spoiler warnings.

You can click here to read up on our live-blog of the episode:

Thanks for tagging along this week, and hope you come back again on Monday for American Horror Story: Cult Episode 6, ‘Mid-Western Assassin’! Here’s the teaser trailer for our next episode, as well as a look at what’s still to come this season:

american horror story cult recap e05

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