Ike Perlmutter, From Spider-Man To Termite-Man?

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Marvel Comics Chairman Ike Perlmutter and his wife Laurie Perlmutter have launched a new legal suit against New York design company K.A. Design Group, claiming that the interior designers installed kitchen cabinetry made with termite-infested wood, and for paying out $18,000 to solve the problem.

The multi-billionaire and Disney’s largest single shareholder apparently hired K.A. Design Group LLC for his Palm Beach apartment and paid them $700,000 to design, contract and manage the vendors – but claims that the designers installed kitchen cabinetry made with termite-infested wood, and refused to fix the issue or reinstall the units after the damage was discovered. In filed paperwork, the pair call the contractors’ installation “negligent, careless and reckless” and in breach of contract. They are demanding reimbursement from the company, who are not believed to have yet responded to the suit.

For those who live to play relativist games, Ike Perlmutter is worth 4 billion dollars. So the suit must be over the principal of the thing. If you were worth $4 million, this would be like suing over $18. If you are worth $200,000 this is like suing over a dollar’s worth of damage. Either way, the legal case is likely to cost more than the damage being claimed for.

But is Perlmutter missing a trick here? He is part of the Trump administration, has donated several million dollars to Trump’s campaign (again, relativism, if you are worth $200,000 that’s like donating $300) and is a close friend of the President, often hanging out at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club, in the neighbourhood of his Palm Beach pad. It’s his local. And, as we all know, Trump has access to certain radioactive weaponry.

What if he could persuade Trump to drop him a little uranium, leave it lying around the termite infested kitchen, irradiate those little bastards until they start biting, gain superpowers the Marvel way and protect the residents of their gated community from white collar crime? Call himself Termite-Man? With a hyphen and everything!

Could work out as the best dollar he ever spent!


Okay, the second best.

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