Funimation Fan Faves At New York Comic Con

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By Ale Bodden for Bleeding Cool from New York Comic Con,

Funimation’s Justin Rojas hosted a session of Fan Favorites. It was my first time attending one of these panels. As Rojas had expressed in the beginning, it was quite a “chill” panel to discuss and watch anime clips. During the panel, in between clips, he kept asking trivia questions for the fans to win Funimation spinners, buttons, and more.

We got to watch clips from some of their fan favorite anime at the moment—all available through their streaming service online (which now also offers simul-dubs for some shows, meaning: the episodes will premier in the US dubbed at the same time they premier in Japan), as well as on Blu-Ray and DVD:

We started with My Hero Academia- a very fun Shonen show that will have you laughing and crying. I admit—in between panels afterward I had to go on my phone and watch it. He then followed with Attack on Titan, a clip from season 2 that still disturbs me to this date. Rojas also showed us a clip of the spin-off: Attack on Titan Junior High—an alternate universe where the titans do not eat you, but your lunch instead. We see our favorite characters in their cutest chibi form.

We also watched some Dragon Ball Super, a battle between Vegeta and Beerus that would leave anyone who watches wishing they had a Vegeta to defend their honor. It was followed by Assassination Classroom; I had not seen this anime before, but I quite adored the animation—so it made it to my list.

The next anime we got to watch a clip from had the whole room screaming: Iwatobi Swim Club. It is such a fun anime to watch that I am happy it has gained such a big viewership. It was shortly followed by another favorite, Nichijou. We were graced with two clips from this one.

Some others we got to watch were: Blood Blockade Battlefront (Men in Black meets Cowboy Bebop vibe set in New York), The Seven Deadly Sins, Overlord, C-Control, D-Frag, and Lucky Star. However, the one that stuck with me the most and I cannot wait to watch while I am suffering from post-con depression is The Boy and The Beast. I had heard about this anime before, but I just fell head over heels over it with just one clip.

This was a very fun panel—I must admit I had gone into it expecting to hear about upcoming shows. Still, as a fan it was a truly enjoyable panel that I completely forgot about my own expectations. I never truly realized the benefits of little anime samples to find what to watch next.

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