Image Comics Takes A Look At Their Upcoming Titles At NYCC 2017

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Octavio Karbank writes from New York Comic Con 2017:

In the past two days, Image Comics and Skybound have already had multiple panels, leaving their Friday night panel with little to no new material to discuss.

While there were plenty of creators on the Image Comics: The Future of the Genre panel, it wasn’t so much a discussion about genre or the craft of storytelling like the name suggests, but more a refresher course on everything mentioned in previous panels. Without a lick of proper news to share with the audience, Image decided to just re-introduce titles that were either out or that were coming out and had been announced already.

That’s not to say the panel was boring or uninteresting — any chance you have to hear Charles Soule talking about driving around in a wizard-décor van is pretty remarkable. Still, it would’ve been nice to at least get some interesting news.

In attendance were Ryan Browne, Wes Craig, Amy Reeder, Gregg Schigel, Donny Cates, Charles Soule, and Tee Franklin. Like with the Skybound panel from earlier in the day, they talked about anything and everything they could think of; everything under the sun. It felt like nothing was really off limits. Primarily, though, the creators focused on their works and giving a description of what their stuff was about. However, out of all the comics that were discussed, it seemed like newcomer Tee Franklin’s Bingo Love received the most attention.

Bingo Love, the newest property to make its way to Image, tells a story that spans over half a century. The comic focuses on two women who fell in love back in the ‘60s; however, their parents pull them apart and they are forced to go their own way. That is, until decades later, when they meet once more. They decide to throw caution to the wind and go for it. You only live once. In a world where the majority of comics deal with the supernatural, crime, or superheroes, Bingo Love looks like it’ll be a breath of fresh air; focusing on regular people.

However, Donny Cates’s upcoming Atomahawk garnered significant attention, too, what with its bombastic images and equally insane storytelling. One of the most metal-looking (and sounding) comics out there, Atomahawk promises plenty of over-the-top spectacle as the Cyberzerker goes on a quest to free his imprisoned God.

Get ready — there’s plenty more to come from Image Comics.

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