Aztek Returns To The Justice League Of America

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Steve Orlando has announced at a DC Comics NYCC panel that he will be bringing back the character of Aztek to the Justice League Of America comic book series — after a three-year struggle to do so.

Based out of the fictional Vanity City, Aztek is the champion of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. The character first appeared in Aztek, The Ultimate Man #1 in 1996, created by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar. Following the short run series, Aztek appeared in several issues of JLA also written by Morrison.

Aztek wears an ancient helmet and armour powered by a four-dimensional mirror from which he derives flight, infrared and X-Ray vision, invisibility, intangibility, bodyheat camouflage, entrapment nets, plasma beams, and density manipulation, as well as augmenting his peak physical abilities to superhuman levels.

Aztek is raised from childhood by a secret organization named the Q Society to be the champion of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl to battle their enemy, the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca. He is given a magical suit of armour that bestows many abilities, complementing his peak human mental and physical abilities. After his training was completed, he entered the United States and assumes the identity of recently deceased physician Curt Falconer.

Aztek later joined the Justice League, but resigned when it is revealed that one of the mysterious benefactors of the Q Society is supervillain Lex Luthor. He is later blinded helping the League save the Earth in a battle against the planet-destroying machine Mageddon (apparently the Tezcatlipoca that the cult was referring to all along). Aztek ultimately sacrifices himself to allow Superman the chance to destroy Mageddon/Tezcatlipoca, during the World War III story arc.

But that was then.

And he’s not coming back alone, but with Prometheus, also co-created by Morrison for his Justice League of America run. And he’s intended to push the character of Vixen to the limit.

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