Skybound Entertainment’s Intimate Panel At NYCC Spoke Of Good Things On The Horizon

Octavio Karbank reports on the Skybound Entertainment panel at the New York Comic Con

The Skybound panel at NYCC
Skybound Comics, partnered together with Image Comics, features such talent as Robert Kirkman and Donny Cates. Together with Image, they put out a tremendous body of work, including fan-favorite titles like The Walking Dead and Invincible, and lesser-known masterpieces like Kill The Minotaur. Today at the Skybound NYCC panel, there wasn’t anything terribly new revealed, as many of the big reveals had already come earlier in the week, but in the off chance you missed it, Kirkman and his colleagues refreshed fans and readers about what to expect from the company.

The panel itself featured artist Dan Panosian and writers Cates, Daniel Warren Johnson, and of course,  Kirkman himself. All things considered, what with the enormous amount of talent in the room, it was rather surprising that there weren’t many people in attendance. This might have been the panel that snuck under everyone’s radar. Yet the lack of attendees only made for a more intimate environment, where the creators could throw jokes around willy-nilly and not have to take the panel too seriously.

Of course business needed to be addressed at some point, so during the general tomfoolery, as these grown men clearly enjoyed one another’s company, they got to talk about their current and upcoming work.

Kirkman kicked off by discussing his upcoming Walking Dead issues, how there was going to be a Negan-centric issue in December and in issue #175, we’re finally going to get to see the New Order, which is the community that Eugene has been talking to over the radio for the past couple years. There was then talk about Kirkman’s Oblivion Song, which comes out March, 7, 2018. The story focuses on a event that happened ten years ago where a section of Philadelphia got switched out with a portion of another dimension and vice versa. The main character, Nathan Cole, has access to technology that allows him to travel between dimensions, which he uses to go and rescue survivors and fight giant monsters.

Skybound's Oblivion Song

As for Invincible, there’s only a few issues left, and the final issue is going to be double-sized!

There was mention about the title Slots that came out this week and Extremity, which has been out for a while now. Cates discussed Redneck a little, promising that the second story arc would be even darker than the first. Additionally, in the 8th issue of Redneck, there’s going to be a nod to another Image series; something to look out for!

Lastly, Kirkman discussed Skybound’s upcoming Evolution, which will feature multiple writers. The story itself deals with an incident in where all of the sudden a large section of humanity undergoes a millions years worth of evolution in the span of a moment. It’s a horror book and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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