Live Sketching With Hiro Mashima At New York Comic Con

Live Sketching With Hiro Mashima At New York Comic Con

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Adam Wolfe reports from New York Comic Con for Bleeding Cool,

Critically acclaimed mangaka Hiro Mashima has graced New York Comic Con with his presence this year! He is best known for Fairy Tail, a manga about a guild of wizards who are hired to complete jobs all over the realm. The epic story spans 63 volumes, the last of which will be available for purchase in the US very soon. Mashima actually admitted today that he only thought his book would last ten volumes! I guess he exceeded his own expectations as well as ours. Whether you’re waiting to wrap up the story, or looking for a new shonen to sink your teeth into, I can tell you that Fairy Tail is a fun, exciting roller coaster of a story from start to finish.

Below are some videos of the live sketches Mashima did for us today. They include fan favorites such as Erza and Jellal, Happy, Natsu and Lucy, Gray and Juvia, Levy, Gajeel and a super-secret one I’ll show you at the end!

Now, you can see in the videos that when asked who he prefers, or what he feels is “right” Mashima holds up his drawing of Natsu and Lucy. I don’t know about you, but this pretty much confirms Nalu for me. Sure, he backpaddled a bit when the next fan pressured him to answer the question again, claiming he liked Natsu and Lissana’s childhood relationship, but it says a lot that he didn’t draw them together now did he.

If that wasn’t enough proof for you, then this next video should pretty much seal it. Below Mashima draws what he would imagine Natsu and Lucy’s daughter to look like! He even gave her the tentative name of “Nashi.” Thank you Mashima for the wonderful gift of Fairy Tail, and we will all be looking out for your next big project!

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