Preview: Vault Comics Launches Shared Horror Universe ‘Cult Classic’

Vault Comics is creating a new shared comic book universe where superheroes need not apply.

Taking a queue from the ever-prescient Bill Jemas, Vault is starting their own shared universe of 1980s-style horror titles in February. In an interview with THR, Vault Editor-in-Chief Adrian Wassel revealed what potential readers can expect:

“Featuring shorts, miniseries, on-goings, you-name-it, Cult Classic is a shared, creator-owned universe without a single superhero. It’s like Goosebumps in comics but bigger. It’s nostalgic. It’s spooky. It’s heartwarming and heartbreaking. It’s a place for creators and fans to hang out and enjoy supernatural horrors, midnight mysteries and sci-fi thrillers, all linked together by the town of Whisper — the most haunted hamlet in the U.S. Really, Whisper is just being born, and already the talent crafting the creepy corners of this place is unreal. Cult Classic could not be entering the world at a better time.”

You mean right before an impending nuclear war started on Twitter destroys the planet? Sure, uh, we guess.

Creators involved so far include Eliot RahalVita Ayala, Daniel Kibblesmith, Paulina Ganucheau, Emily PearsonJen Bartel, and Rachel Deering. If you run into any of them at New York Comic Con, you can possibly get your hands on the ashcan seen below:

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